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Book Recommendation: "Gospel Fluency"

Two Sundays ago, Pastor Josh shared about accountability relationships and how we need to learn to speak the gospel to one another when we are convicted of sin, rather than simply beating down an already convicted believer with the law. He shared from Romans 3 that:

"The law is for those who are comfortable with their sin; the gospel is for those who are convicted by their sin. The law is for revealing; the gospel is for healing."

But how do we learn to speak the gospel into each other's lives and what does that look like? One helpful resource for learning to speak the gospel into "the everyday stuff of life" is the book "Gospel Fluency" by Jeff Vanderstelt. The leadership team for our student ministry just finished reading through this book as we aim to speak the gospel into every aspect of our students' lives. If you see the need to go beyond merely rules and regulations (law) as you grow in applying the good news of Jesus (gospel) in your accountability relationships and small groups, I commend this resource to you (even if you just skip to reading the second half of the book).

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