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A free community event for families to enjoy a safe, fun, and welcoming environment! Come enjoy carnival games, face painting, food and more! 


This event will be on October 28th from 6-9pm!


The Fall Carnival will be on the property of Grace Bible Church located at 424 Gender Rd Canal Winchester OH 43110!


Grace Bible Church desires to serve and give back to the community in which it is located!

Volunteer Opportunities!

Lil’ Critter Corral 

The Lil’ Critter Corral team will work to provide a fun-filled atmosphere for our carnival guests ages 3 and under. Volunteers will greet parents and children, help facilitate games, pass out candy, and provide hospitality for the youngest of our carnival guests.

Carnival Games

The Carnival Game team will serve at various game stations, facilitating their designated game and passing out LOTS of candy for our carnival guests! The Carnival Game team will provide an engaging and lively atmosphere by cheering on our guests, keeping lines moving quickly, and rationing out candy for each player (win or lose!).

Face Painting


The Face Painting team will contribute to the carnival atmosphere by painting faces of our guests. Some artistic skills required. The face painting team will also be responsible for using discretion in face painting to stay true to our “no scary costumes” event. 
The Concessions team will serve food, drinks, and other food to our guests while also maintaining the “food court” space, keeping it presentable and clean. The concessions team will practice hospitality by serving families joyfully, quickly, and excellently as they enjoy snacks and food throughout the night.

Grill Team

Welcome/Exit Team

The Grill Team will oversee the preparation of food for our guests, grilling hamburgers and hotdogs to provide at concessions. 
The Welcome/Exit team will be the first and last faces our guests see that day! Welcome team will greet guests, hand them our “entrance packets,” and answer any questions about the event. 

Parking Team

The Parking Team will be some of the first faces our guests see for the event. This team will provide direction for how to best enter and enjoy the event, assisting any guests that may need additional help with entering the building.

Decorating Team

The Decorating Team will help to set the stage for the event by transforming our church into a fun-filled, fall carnival! We’re talking VBS transformation! If you’re gifted in or enjoy decorating, this is the place for you! (Decorating team will work to set up prior to the event so you can also serve in another spot during the event if you so choose!)

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